Monday, September 9, 2013

another excerpt from Identity: Shift

“Who is this guy? And why on earth are we hiding out at his place? You don’t even really seem to like him.” “Henry is someone I’ve known for most of my life. I haven’t seen him in ten years or so. But I know one thing, we’re safe here. And I could use a good night’s sleep and a bit of rest after today. I’m sure your nerves must be a bit out of shape too.” “Yeah, but there’s something about him I don’t know if I like.” “Like? What’s with the like!?! Who said anything about like? Henry and I have been at war since we met. We’ve had three knock ‘em down drag ‘em out fist fights and numerous arguments. But there is one outstanding element that has always remained between us since we met: Respect. “I’ll deny I ever said this if you repeat it but he is one of the best people I’ve ever known.” “You have a funny way of showing it.” “Still, I’ll sleep without worry tonight knowing where I am.” Henry re-emerged into the living-room at this time, arms heavy with pillows and blankets. “Why don’t you two take my bed. I just changed the sheets. It’ll be easier than making up the couch and the floor. I don’t sleep anyways. Not now, not when I’m working.” “Oh no, I wouldn’t want to kick you out of your bed.” Nat almost interrupted. “I would,” Louis said and started towards sleep, “’night, Henry.” “’Night…Louis” The Louis hung in the air with a smile. “Prick.” Louis said. And without looking back he flipped Henry the bird as he left the room. “Oh.” Nat giggled and followed after Louis.

short story:

Every night before the humpback went to sleep he prayed to God to please remove his hump; if only for an hour. Every night, unbeknownst to the humpback his prayer was answered.