Saturday, November 30, 2013


“That my breath does not come w/out some difficulty, does not surprize me. My throat is constricted and my heart o’er filled w/ emotions aimed at you. I thought I’d walk away, just leave w/out yr blessing, w/out yr scent on my body, w/out any of all the beauty and serenity you instill in my day. My heart beats and my heart breaks, for I can’t remember ever loving you only halfway. It was 100% and now I pay the price of losing you, 100%. Yr voice on the phone made me want to crawl thru the line to touch you, see you, be w/ you. I fight and try to tell myself things aren’t what I think. But they are. I love you. Completely. And I am ripped asunder at the thought of you & I apart; perhaps even in some other’s arms. I screw my courage to the floor & try to do what is being done w/ the best of my ability. I am sad. I am broken. I am dreading being w/out you. Sorrow has made my day another colour.”


“… her simpleness is what struck me first. Not plain, not indescript, but simple. A light glowed from her eyes and smile. A warm flame burned in her heart. Unlike the beautifully distinct , she had a countenance that was like a canvas a thousand Michaelangelo’s could be painted on.”

observed for all time

“You sit crosslegged, upright, posture perfect, a thin layer of summer cotton covers yr delicate & balanced body. Yr hand playing lightly w/ yr hair. Yr silver pendant hanging, low, on yr bare breast bone. I wish you’d uncross yr legs so I could peek at yr ultimate paradise. Yr power source and my spiritual black hole. Yr almost childlike face holds all the innocence & wonder of youth but w/ slight clues as to yr true age. I want to devour you to save me from my boredom. Yr nonchalance as to yr actions, the sucking of the cappucino milk foam off the wooden stir stick, makes you either the best actor or overwhelmingly unconscious. Ah, betrayals, betrayals, the inconsistencies seem to harbour cruel hiding spots for yr games and rehearsals. Rubbing yr legs from knee to ankle, slender ankle. Why, why do I write words about you? Yr beauty must dictate it.”