Saturday, November 30, 2013


“That my breath does not come w/out some difficulty, does not surprize me. My throat is constricted and my heart o’er filled w/ emotions aimed at you. I thought I’d walk away, just leave w/out yr blessing, w/out yr scent on my body, w/out any of all the beauty and serenity you instill in my day. My heart beats and my heart breaks, for I can’t remember ever loving you only halfway. It was 100% and now I pay the price of losing you, 100%. Yr voice on the phone made me want to crawl thru the line to touch you, see you, be w/ you. I fight and try to tell myself things aren’t what I think. But they are. I love you. Completely. And I am ripped asunder at the thought of you & I apart; perhaps even in some other’s arms. I screw my courage to the floor & try to do what is being done w/ the best of my ability. I am sad. I am broken. I am dreading being w/out you. Sorrow has made my day another colour.”

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