Wednesday, November 25, 2009

... a moment in conversation...

“How do people meet? Really meet? Is it a sturdy handshake and a hearty ‘How do you do?’ Or is it with an eye to eye glance? A thunderclap? A dull roar like the morning surf? How?
“What great G-d machinations are in effect? What underlying energies are in play? What toe tingling mysteries flow?
“Are sensations below the waistline the true north? Or the pilot heart, steering by the north star? How does one know? And how when the power of attraction has blinded all senses do we still decipher the maps of our human… destinies? Nay, desires. Biblical deceptions, biblical truths.
“And can we meet anyone without love? At some level? Some degree? A lust love? A mind love? An absolute beauty love like… say January Jones, Marlon Brando? A fill the void in love? All love? Moment love? Death & Birth love? Sour candy love? Brother love? Sister love? All love? Lists by the dozen love? Dirt & blood love? Holy saint love? Broken down eyes full of tears love? Sunshine flooding through broken world love? Desperately abandon all to gain the whole world love?
“Has the line of questioning drifted? Have the dream-lines redefined the horizon? Can heartbeats truly fade the frontline emotions?
“Breathe deeply in, breathe deeply out. Now, tell me truly, how do people meet?”
“That’s one of those… ah… rhetorical questions, right?”
“Rhetorically speaking…yeah.”

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