Wednesday, February 3, 2010

pocket paper moments: thoughts on the move

-Kisses are as unique as the language they are from.
- Rollcals: locals that smoke.
- “Don’t pander to mediocrity.”
- Looking at the young woman’s eyelashes from one seat behind, and one over, all I can think is wow they are so long; could it be a trompe d’oeil? Hahaha.
- “…because it’s mine.” “Do you know why the Chinese don’t use this finger?” He asked showing her his pinkie. “No. Why?” she replied.

- Fringe Play: Nugless performed like a radio play.
- The Lily
The modest Rose puts forth a thorn,
The humble sheep a threat’ning horn:
While the Lily white shall in love delight,
Nor a thorn nor a threat stain her beauty bright.
Wm. Blake
- Cold. And what I mean by that is… not warm… and what I mean by that is…
- Chateau I’mrich
- B. talking about how books when they 1st appeared were like movies, (Avatar), that they took, possesed, transported people to places outside of themselves. They had POWER. I am transported for exactly the same reasons.
- Loping, the server here lopes. I think at one pt. she was BIG and she still carries the weight in her mind/body motion.
- there is a fitness of mind & being here that allows for the possibility of balance. O how everything builds.
- O, to be among the humans again. I am happy… to be the pt. of trepidation.
- Words move, prepare and finally concrete the moment; well or not.
- a typewriter, O Erika, how can I balance life with the word? Hmm.
- “Here’s a tidbit of information to add to yr infinite knowledge bank.
“You’re an Ass!”
- Free, free, free. As light as a ray of sunshine. The great mother of light; the source. The Original. Blessed am I. Blessed am I.
- the uniform of the hip is never more creative than the lowest common denomintor ever. (ZING!)
- Another damn winter surprise! W/ a 1 million candle smile. I am warm warmed.
- Irony should be thrown like a left jab, smack, smack, smack… as a set up for the right hook.
- J.M.,
Yr Beauty is, and always has been, pure Klimt. (Actually better ‘cos of the dance you continuously do w/ yr humanity.) Man, you are the beautiful.
- Peeking into, peeping into, the smile of another. Well, that fills me w/ such a feeling of trespassing but trespassing w/ a purpose. O, how I love being a human being. (Piercing, always piercing, the sleep of reason!)
- Humour to the humourless is, well… I can’t even imagine.
- Flip Art poems & Haikus: YES! Technology-like.

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