Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...new poem...

…new poem…

the bar bottles on the rack

Christmas lights lit from the back

Sparkle; (reflected) energy bounces

Back, out

A million details could draw my

Eye in another direction, a hundred

Sounds could draw & distract me

… but for you

Vee-necked tight blk teed

Double-tongues she’d

Possess me complete

Totally charming, in all yr

Actions, in all yr grace, in all

Yr rhythms … am I dreaming

You, different? What hungers, what appetites you inspire in my thinking, in my shoes. There is a beautiful line, (barrier? No-man’s land, belt, heaven field) that flashes briefly, fleetingly between the bottom of yr blk tee & the top of yr jeans. Yr skin a dream of strength & softness.

How is the dream connected to the reality? W/out damage done to other states? How to dream you & know you? The balance of the gods. Who’s yr favourite god? … and what’s yr name tonight?

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